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Corporate Social Responsability

Since the founding of the Company in 1928, the TRANGOWORLD philosophy with its wide range of products has been

  • To promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • To enjoy nature.
  • To promote personal development and social integration through outdoor activities.
  • To respect the environment.
  • To fight sedentary lifestyle, boredom and the stress of modern urban life.

The development of this philosophy has led TRANGOWORLD to two basic commitments:

TRANGOWORLD Commitment nº1

to the present, to the world we live in, to today’s generations, to the environment and to people, through:


  • Membership of the European Outdoor Group (www.europeanoutdoorgroup.com) and its task – among others – of coordinating and promoting responsible work practices within the Outdoor industry.
  • Enhancing the value of Corporate Social Responsibility in TRANGOWORLD, and working with suppliers who hold certifications:
  • BSCI (www.bsci-intl.org) whose objective is to provide companies with the best system for improving work conditions in the global supply chain.
  • WRAP (www.wrapcompliance.org) whose objective as an independent body is to help clothing and footwear factories of the entire world to verify that they are operating in compliance with the local laws and the internationally accepted standards of ethical practices in the workplace.
  • FWF (www.fairwear.org), whose objective as an independent organization is to work with companies and factories to improve the working conditions of garment workers.
  • Proveedores asociados y certificados por el International Down and Feather Bureau (www.idfb.net) whose objective is to guarantee the consumers that the down and feathers used in their products are pure, hygienic and that they are derived as a by-product of the food industry.
  • Carlos Pauner Foundation (www.carlospauner.com), whose main objective is to disseminate the culture of effort and the values of personal greatness through the practice of sports, mainly mountaineering, among the most underprivileged youth, collectives and territories.
  • Team Resetcardio (runnerdea.wordpress.com) whose objective is to fight against the sudden death of popular athletes through raising awareness, the training and prevention of this disease, with special focus on mountain runners.
  • Carlos Sanz Foundation (fundacioncarlosanz.org) whose objective is to disseminate and raise awareness in society about the donation of organs to save lives.

TRANGOWORLD Commitment nº2

to the future, to our children, to our descendants and the world that we will leave them through the maximum respect for the sustainability of our industrial activities and the conservation of our environment through:



  • Suppliers certified by Bluesign® (www.bluesign.com) which guarantees that the entire production chain only contains and only passes through processes that are harmless to people and the environment
  • Use of water repellency (DWR) C6 C6 treatments, which are much more environmentally friendly, following the REACH recommendations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).
  • Use of recycled fabrics
  • Use of the Polygiene® treatment, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause the development of odours in fabrics, allowing a reduction in garment washing frequency.
  • Responsible campaigns such as “For a Clean Environment”, “Renew and Recycle”.
  • Use of recycled paper and water-based inks for the printing and manufacture of the bags provided to our customers for sale, as well as for the preparation of the catalogues and workbooks. In the preparation of the latter, ecological paper has been used which is 100% chlorine-free, FSC and PEFC certified, which guarantee that the cellulose paste is obtained from wood from controlled forests that are sustainably managed and for its printing, inks with vegetable oil base have been used.
  • Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture (www.quebrantahuesos.org) which promotes and develops projects of conservation, management, research, rural development and awareness in the mountain habitats where the bearded vulture lives..
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