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Alex Txikon and Trangoworld return to the Everest.


With renewed energy and the experience obtained during last year's expedition, Alex Txikon and his team return to Everest for the first winter summit without artificial oxygen in history. Not yet achieved, the last winter expedition dates from 1993. Only fifteen mountaineers have reached the summit, but all of them with the support of artificial oxygen.

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"EVEREST: A superhuman challenge". Alex Txikon's film premiere.


The aim of the film was to immortalize the quest, with a high quality photography mixed with the latest audio-visual technology. It manages to show the loneliness and isolation of the climbers during a real winter adventure, which has allowed the team to capture unique images. It is called to be a reference on the great human deeds.

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Trangoworld, Official Technical Supplier of the 2017 Reto Pelayo Vida Polar.


Five Spanish women who have suffered cancer will travel more than 200 kilometres in the Arctic to transmit and share a message of hope and fight to all women who have or are currently being treated for this disease.

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