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"EVEREST: A superhuman challenge". Alex Txikon's film premiere.

From: Trangoworld Press Department
Date: 13/11/2017

The aim of the film was to immortalize the quest, with a high quality photography mixed with the latest audio-visual technology. It manages to show the loneliness and isolation of the climbers during a real winter adventure, which has allowed the team to capture unique images. It is called to be a reference on the great human deeds.

The human being has been step by step conquering the most extreme areas on earth: the poles, the deserts, the seas, the fourteen mountains of more than eight thousand meters... One of the biggest current adventure challenges in the world - if not the greatest of all - is to summit the  Everest, the highest mountain on Earth with 8,848 meters high, in the middle of winter season and in the purest way: without the use of artificial oxygen in bottles.

This is what Alex Txikon and his team tried between January and March this year and that’s this film details and brings to us.

The idea was to focus on the human side of the adventure, involving the team in charge of the filming. It was about capturing the hard life in the base camp, with very few hours of light and extreme temperatures or, for example, the acclimatization phase and what it demands, climbing up the mountain and returning back down on numerous occasions carrying heavy loads. And finally the attempt to the summit, an epic moment, with all the mountaineer’s feelings and sensations that can be perceived clearly in these image and sounds. An immersive experience where the spectator can enjoy the adventure almost always on first line.

The film was directed by Aitor Bárez and co-produced by Avista Multimedia Onza Entertainment, Atresmedia and Alex Txikon himself.

Enjoy the trailer in this link:

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