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Our products are guaranteed for two years against all defects in their components or in their manufacture. The guarantee does not include normal wear of use, or the defects that, in the judgement of our After-sales Department, have occurred due to improper use. The After-sales Department will perform the repair or change of the product at its sole discretion, and will only accept those products that are sent in the necessary condition of hygiene and cleanliness. Repairs will be made upon prior acceptance by the customer of the corresponding estimated cost.

This guarantee does not cover the faults caused by:

  • Normal wear from use.
  • Improper or unusual use. For recommended use of each model, see our catalogues and the website www.trangoworld.com.
  • Inadequate care or maintenance. For correct care, see the recommendations on the hanging labels, the base of the boxes, interior labels, catalogues and the website www.trangoworld.com.
  • Contact with external agents, such as edges of rocks, branches, crampons, ice axes, etc. or aggressive materials such as fire, animal excrements, acids, hydrocarbons, construction materials, etc.
  • Discoloration caused by UV or similar rays.



After-sales Service - Procedure

In the event of the occurrence of any anomaly, and to determine if the defect is covered by the guarantee, the product must be cleaned and returned, along with the purchase receipt, to the establishment where it was bought for a primary inspection and possible subsequent shipment to Trangoworld S.A.

The purchase receipt or a copy, a note with a description of the defect and the contact data of the owner (telephone no. or e-mail address obligatory) must always be included in the box. If the product has not been cleaned prior to shipping to Trangoworld S.A. it will be immediately returned to the owner.

After an examination by the After-sales Department of the company, in a reasonable time period, and in the event that the fault is covered by the guarantee, Trangoworld S.A. may either repair or replace it, at no charge in the event that repair is impossible or disproportionate. The substitute product will be as similar as possible to the original one returned, depending on the availability of the model/colour available in our warehouses.

Care – Washing of Garments

All our products carry indications for care and/or maintenance, as well as washing instructions. Said indications and instructions are in the form of simple text, or an icon of standardized international meaning for the industry and official organizations.

For example, the list and meaning of the most usual icons is as follows:


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