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Santi Padros Rolwaling Nepal

Santi Padros


Mountaineering as a way of life. Simple, pure. Without limits. Freindship, adventure and love. Let's fly!

Who am I

ALPINIST / 65 Kg. / 173cm.

I like going to the mountains, to suffer to know that I am striving, to discover my limits always further away! Mountaineering as a way of life, climbing ice, rock, canyoneering, with people of all kinds, with whom you want to accompany you and with whom I like to accompany me. I am stubborn and fast! I have fun in the mountains and in the world.

Los imprescindibles de Santi Padros

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Santi Padros Grandes Jorasses

My adventure

I am a High Mountain and Canyoneering Guide. I live in and for thes mountains. For 10 years I have been dedicated to training Guides in all specialties. Climbing is my passion. Accompanying people in the mountains, my job for 20 years. Being able to transmit that profession is a real challenge!

Santi Padros Dolomitas Trangoworld
Santi Padros Rolwaling Nepal
Santi Padros Kyrgistan Trangoworld
Santi Padros Nepal Trangoworld
Santi Padros Trangoworld