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Discover the TRX2 Expedition Suit and Jacket designed for Alex Txikon's winter expeditions.

Many of you have asked about the suit and jacket that Alex has used in the last two winter expeditions (Everest 2020 and now Manaslu 2021). Here are the details.

03 / 02 / 2021

Designed and developed by Trangoworld, the materials used for both the TRX2 Expedition Suit (with a weight for size L of 1,530 grams) and the TRX2 Expedition Jacket weighing just one kilo, are mainly these four:

  • GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ as outer fabric; breathable and windproof, the lack of humidity at the heights in which the suit is to be used has meant that the fabric did not need to be internally sealed.
  • PERTEX® QUANTUM for the inner fabric or lining, chosen for having a very low weight and at the same time being a windblock.
  • RDS EUROPEAN DOWN 850 CUINS, high quality European feather, for filling. The amount of feather has been distributed optimally in each panel of the suit according to the area where it is located.
  • KEVLAR®, for external reinforcements. Anti-cut material with great resistance to abrasion. Both products complement each other.

The positioning of each item is designed in such a way so that when the two garments are worn together, the inner and outer pockets do not overlap, avoid that the bags increase the volume, that the weight is well distributed and everything is easier access.

In addition, they have the following features:

  • Hood with facial and volume adjustment. Fur around the detachable hood. The fur around it offers extra protection from the wind on the face when at height. Reinforcements on elbows.
  • Two outer pockets with zippers.
  • Four easy-access, non-zippered interior pockets that allow all communication material to be carried close to the chest, due to temperature issues.
  • Reflective flap system so that in a vertical position, they give extra visibility to the mountaineer in case of need.
  • Special zip pullers, to be used with “giant” gloves.

and specifically, the TRX2 Expedition Suit with

  • Zipper on the front (with 3 slider zippers to adapt to any type of situation) back and sides.
  • Internal shoulder straps to optimize the fit and avoid movements during work at height.
  • Two pockets on the legs.
  • Reinforcements on back and knees.
  • Seat with semi-circular zipper with Kevlar anti-cut reinforcement.

and the TRX2 Expedition Jacket with

  • Extra length compared to “standard” jackets to maximize thermal capacity.
  • Altitude sleeping bag function.

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