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Alex Txikon Manaslu 2022 fulfill dream of height


Alex Txikon #Manaslu2022 travel notebook notes, fulfill dream of height

Listen to the mountain and adapt to her whims

24 / 02 / 2022

Alex Txikon travel notebook notes

Manaslu hasn't made it easy for us this year. It's been one of the toughest winters I rememeber. I estimate that during two months we have spent there will have fallen about 4 meters of snow. The strong wind we have had at altitude has only incresead the complications. It has been hard, very hard. I look back and remember those endless days shoveling snow non-stop. We spent more than 16 hours in a row clearing snow from around our tents, trying to keep the base camp as well as possible. We were hoping for a nive weather window that never came. 

We are going home empty- handed, but it was an outcome we knew could happen. The most important thing is that we have been there. One more year trying to meet the goal of climbing an 8,000 in the middle of winter. Almost nothing. And that opportunity has been given to me by sponsors like TRANGOWORLD , who have done the impossible to help me fulfill this dream of height. These lines serve to thank all your effort. 

The material provided has helped us get through these very hard working days. They've made everything a little easier. It is a shame not to have been able to bring the brand to the top of Manaslu, but in high- level sport it is difficult to be successful. I am sure that in the not too distant future we will be able to achieve what we want.

I remember how we prepared all the list of nees in Zaragoza, where they have their factory located. They helped me design a custom suit, with all the necessary elements to be able to do the job as well as possible. When you are at 4,500 meters of altitude, with strong winds and heavy snowfall, you need elements that are practical and do their job. There are no excuses there. Everything has to work perfectly. And what they provided me like a charm. 

It's true that I'm frustated. But not because I didn't succeed. The hardest part is that we haven't had a chance to try. We came very prepared. I would say more than ever, but the mountain has not opened the doors. She decides for herself and we have to adapt to her whims. We depend on what she wants at all times and decided that this time no one would have the opportunity to approach the summit. That's why these winter expeditions are so complicated. 

Now it's time to go home and rest. Back to our day-to-day routines. And, little by little, start planning the next adventure that I'm sure TRANGOWORLD and I will do hand in hand. Thank you for accompanaying more on this wonderful trip through Nepal and for giving me the security that one needs when one is in extreme conditions. 

Eskerri asko!

Thanks to you for making us dream of high altitude mountaineering

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