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Jesús Muñoz “Chuchi” in La Pedriza, route El Groucho (7C+)


The three favourite bouldering zones of Jesus Muñoz “Chuchi”.

Salamancan climber Jesus Muñoz “Chuchi” reveals his three favourite zones for bouldering: Hoyamoros, La Pedriza and Albarracín – and why they are his favourites.

07 / 04 / 2020

Hoyamoros, La Pedriza y Albarracín are Jesús Muñoz “Chuchi” ’s three favourite bouldering zones. Let’s see, one by one, the reason for these choices and the recommended boulders.


Hoyamoros belongs to the western massif of Sierra de Gredos, located in the province of Salamanca. At an altitude of more than 2,000 metres we will find coarse-grained alpine granite boulders, scattered over an idyllic valley, with ground blanketed in grass and crossed by the beautiful Cuerpo de Hombre River.

Despite it is an one and a half hour walk, it is a place frequented by bouldering enthusiasts, due to the high quality of its problems. In this zone, we will find more than 800 lines of all levels; it is probably one of the best schools in the entire peninsula for high degrees of difficulty and without a doubt, the zone par excellence of the so-called highballs or tsunamis (very high boulders).

The best season to go there is in summer, between June and September. Although if the snow allows, in October and the end of May we will find lower temperatures, and therefore, better adherence.

4 recommended boulders:

  • “El Legado” (8B)
  • “Aurora sit” (8B)
  • “Techo Patrones” (7A+)
  • “Sinaloa” (6C)


La Pedriza belongs to Sierra de Guadarrama, located northwest of the Community of Madrid. On its more than 3200 hectares we will find endless crags, walls, streams and meadows.

In addition to over one thousand climbing routes, both classic and sport type, we will find more than 1900 open boulder problems, at all levels of difficulty. It is probably the peninsular school where we will find the largest number of climbing styles, from adherence slabs, to overhangs of crimps, to roofs with large grips.

Generally, the granite is medium-grained.

The best time of year is winter although in autumn and the beginning of spring we can also find good climbing conditions.  

4 recommended boulders:

  • “Fotofobia” (8B+)
  • “Deja Vu” (8A)
  • “Groucho” (7C+)
  • “Robin” (7A)



The climbing zone of Sierra de Albarracín is located in the protected landscape of Pinares de Rodeno. It constitutes one of the most spectacular landscapes we can view in the province of Teruel.

A place where pine trees and rock combine in beautiful harmony to offer us more than 1500 boulders of high-quality reddish sandstone rock. It is a paradise for grade six and seven, with over thirty additional good grade eights.

Although we can find all types of climbing, the predominant style is physical climbing, due to the enormous number of roofs we will find with much-appreciated grips that seem to be taken from the climbing wall.

The best time of year to go is in autumn and spring, as in summer, it is very hot and in winter, although adherence is better, at times it is too cold.

4 recommended boulders:

  • “Helicopters on Beaches” (8B)
  • “Cosmos” (8A)
  • “El Varano” (7C)
  • “Eclipse” (7B)


Foto: © Alfonso Martínez - Jesús Muñoz / Route “El Groucho” (7C+)

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