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Wind of Change


Wind of Change

How true is that music takes you wherever you want, listening to this song by Scorpions, “Wind of Change”, makes you think about the very complicated moment and situation that we are living...

08 / 02 / 2021

Who would have told us one year ago, what more precious and sometimes as simple as the freedom to go for a run, walk in the mountains, climb a mountain or climb a boulder, we would be forbidden! The simplicity of the quote from (G. Mallory), why do we climb mountains, because they are there? Now, in many cases we can only say that they are there.

We have to be aware that reaching the top of a mountain, climbing a wall or simply climbing a block, requires great effort, training and patience, it is about getting the best of ourselves. To think that everything will return, we just have to believe that there is another way and another way to reach the top.

It is a time of great changes and our sport in recent years has experienced many. This can be seen in the increase of recently opened climbing gyms, every day there are more people in the gyms around the world. It is an activity that goes beyond physical conditioning, in which you have new challenges every day. It is a close activity, familiar, social and you even take her from the city to the country.

Right now we want to give our support and encouragement to all these gyms that are making a great effort, especially to our friends from Bulderland Zaragoza and La Nave de León. They follow the strict security measures showing that it benefits not only physically but also psychologically many people who are currently deprived of something as precious as freedom.

A few days ago, it was 30 years since the publication of the song “Wind of Change” by Scorpions as a single and perhaps now it is more current than ever.

The Mountains are there, and they will continue to wait for us. While it is time for #taketheotherway, we will continue to train in the halls safely and dream of our projects, soon to say again:

The best training was going to the pub, drinking 5 quarts of beer and talking about climbing". (Ron Fawcett).

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