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Daniel Fuertes Via Fifty Words For Pump 8c+ (USA)

Dani Fuertes


Don’t let your dreams undone. Live, go for them and enjoy!

Who am I

CLIMBER / 54 kg. - 1,67 m

I was born and I live in Zaragoza working as a firefighter. Climbing is my obsession starting with my parents when I was 14 years old. Since then my whole life is around climbing, friends, family and travelling. Lead, buldering, competition, multi pitch… I enjoy doing everything!

Dani Fuertes favourite products

BOULDER and CLIMBING collection

Daniel Fuertes Via Zipayorik ez! 8c+ (sector Finestra, Margalef)

My adventure

I have a daughter called Africa and my biggest adventure would be to inspire and discover with her this wonderful world, to be happy in it and travel with Silvia – my partner - climbing spots such as Yosemite, Rocklands, etc.

Daniel Fuertes Via My Little Princess 9a (Bielsa)
Daniel Fuertes Escalada
Daniel Fuertes Via Zipayorik ez! 8c+ (sector Finestra, Margalef)
Daniel Fuertes Via Resurrección 8a (Ramales de la Victoria)
Daniel Fuertes Via Si lo se, No Vengo 8c (Margalef)