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Our products are designed and made to last a long time. With the correct care, you will maximize their performance and extend their lifetime.

All of our products carry instructions for their care and/or maintenance, as well as washing instructions. Said indications and instructions come – on a label inside the product – in simple text form and/or an icon with standardized international meaning by the industry and official bodies.

As an example, the list and meaning of the most usual icons is as follows:


Wash maximum 30º
Wash maximum 30º in delicate cycle
Wash maximum 30º in very delicate cycle
Wash maximum 40º
Wash maximum 40º in delicate cycle
Wash maximum 40º in very delicate cycle
Wash maximum 60º
Wash maximum 60º in delicate cycle
Wash maximum 60º in very delicate cycle
Wash maximum 90º
Wash maximum 90º in delicate cycle
Wash maximum 90º in very delicate cycle


Hand wash
Do not wash
May be machine washed


Can use bleach
Do not use bleach


Ironing max. 110º
Ironing max. 150º
Ironing max. 200º
Do not iron


Dry cleaning all the solvents
Dry cleaning with mineral essences
Do not dry clean
Dry clean with any solvent except for trichloroethylene
Cleaning with perchloroethylene


Do not use dryer
Dryer at normal temperature
Dryer cycle, normal


For all cases, read the product care label carefully.

Feather or Down-filled garments

Garments with feathers or down are especially delicate in care and maintenance. Read the product care label carefully.

  • Washing: at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees, with a non-aggressive powder detergent, without bleach and avoiding the centrifuge.
  • Drying: Air dry, in a space with air current until the feathers are totally dry. Refill the feathers by hand to return it to its normal state.
  • Ironing: no.

In the case of sleeping bags, we recommend taking them to a professional cleaning service specializing in this type of product.

Waterproof or windbreaking garments

  • Washing: use liquid detergent in small doses. Do not use stain remover or bleach. Reduce the spin cycle to the minimum.
  • Drying: these types of garments take longer to dry. The best way to dry it is putting it in a place where a lot of air circulates.
  • Ironing: at very low temperature and without steam. Place a cloth on the garment to avoid direct contact with the iron.

Wool Garments

  • Washing: with Cold water.
  • Drying: air dry, horizontally on a towel so it will absorb the moisture.

Use of Softeners

We advise against the excessive use of softeners. The high level of aggression of their components accelerates the aging of the fabrics as well as the detachment of logos or marks placed on the garments with heat application.

Separation of garments

We recommend separating the garments before each wash, according to the colours. Above all, avoid mixing coloured garments with white garments.

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