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  • 1928

  • 1930

  • 1940

  • 1950

  • 1960

  • 1970

  • 1980

  • 1986

  • 1990

  • 2000

  • 2019


  • '28

    It all began with…


    It was the adventure of two friends, two nature lovers, one was a canoeist and mountaineer, the other one was a hunter. In 1928 putting together some savings, they founded Sport Radio, the first business of Zaragoza that opened its doors to the modernity of sports and the amateur radio stations in that era.

  • '30

    First canoe prototype


    With a great entrepreneurial spirit in that Spain of scarcity, they imported hickory wood from Norway, marine panel from Guinea, powder from Italy and Japan, and they manufactured skis, canoes and buckshot cartridges.

    They designed, manufactured and experimented with material. With a prototype of canoe and a tent that today would seem rudimentary to us, Hidalgo established in 1930 the first record of canoeing on descending 400 km on the Ebro River from Zaragoza to the Mediterranean in seven days.

  • '40

    Items for all sports


    With time, and overcoming great difficulties in the 1940s, this entrepreneurial spirit led them to widen the range of products, and to begin to manufacture backpacks, trousers and anoraks for skiing tents, motorcycle helmets, boxing gloves, and in general, items for all sports.

  • '50

    A passion that made an industry


    What was initially a small sports shop and amateur radio stations had evolved thanks to the entrepreneurial drive, the concern, innovation and vision of its founders, and developed at the beginning of the 1950s into a Sports Industry: CASA ARTIACH S.C. was born.

  • '60

    Development began thanks to


    Thanks to the impetus of the new passion for camping in Spain, the industry is a reality that gives work to 140 collaborators in a new 3,500 m2 plant specializing in the manufacture of camping, mountaineering and nautical material, Researching materials, Developing products, Innovating designs and Experimenting with the group (R+D+i+E) is from then on, the engine of the process, and forms an indissoluble part of the DNA of the company.

  • '70

    Casa Artiach becomes a


    In the decade of the 70s, Casa Artiach S.A. was the leading Spanish company in the sector of camping and in the sector of mountain and military camping, with a market quota of 40%.

    • Hiking and High Mountain shops.
    • Family camping framework shops.
    • Army special operations tents.
    • Backpacks, sleeping bags, accessories.
    • Mats.
    • Line of Awnings for Caravanning and Tent Trailers.
    • Nautical Line inflatable boats in Neoprene and Hypalon, covering from recreational boating to speed boats or large boats, with lengths from 2 to 6 metres in flexible and rigid hull.
    • Folding swimming pools.
  • '80

    Decade of consolidation and new lines of business


    In the '80s decade market dominance of camping and boating continues.

    The Company, true to its DNA of Research, Development, Innovation and Experimentation, (R+D+i+E) works on new product lines, always within the sector of outdoor sports for enjoyment and respect of nature; which begin to be known globally as “outdoor” activities:

    • The incipient Spanish market of "caravanning".
    • Self-inflating mattresses, for which special machinery is designed and built with own technologies, world-class pioneer.
    • The greater technification of the products for mountaineering and mountain clothing.
  • '86

    From camping to the technical mountain clothing


    The TRANGOWORLD project – originally TRANGO was born – with the development of new product ranges and technical characteristics for those new "outdoor" activities that in those years are beginning to become popular.

    • Mountain-inspired clothing and citizen use.
    • Technical materials, functional look, advanced features.
    • Breathable laminates with sealed seams polar fleeces, elastic fabrics, soft-shells, etc.

    Thus, the Company expands its catalogue of products, becoming the first Spanish Company to equip totally for “outdoor” sports, through their two brands: ARTIACH centred on “hard” material (tents, backpacks, mats, sleeping bags, etc.) and TRANGO centred on technical textile.

  • '90

    Technification of ARTIACH and TRANGOWORLD


    The 90s decade, with the increase in the quality of life, saw the decline of camping and opened the stage of leisure sports and sports clothing, as well as the taste for more demanding activities in the mountains. Both TRANGO and ARTIACH, in an important effort of R+D+i+E are technified with the incorporation of first-line designs, technologies, fabrics and materials – GORE-TEX and POLARTEC –, imported for the first time to Spain from the United States.

  • '00

    Grouping of product lines and


    With the new century, TRANGO becomes TRANGOWORLD: the TRANGO world. This will be the seed of the grouping of all the existing product lines under the two brands ARTIACH AND TRANGO in a single total brand at the end of the 2000 decade: TRANGOWORLD, undisputed leader of the sector in Spain.

  • 2019

    Latest generation fabrics and materials


    The TRANGOWORLD brand groups together all the product lines of clothing, complements and materials that the expert at eight thousand metres and the occasional hiker may need for their expeditions and open-air activities.

    These products are manufactured with fabrics, materials and technologies and include:

    • Jackets, vests, pullovers and T-shirts...
    • Pants (short, bermudas, long).
    • Thermal underwear
    • Footwear (boots, shoes and trainers).
    • Gloves, caps, socks, lgaiters...
    • Backpacks, duffel bags, bags...
    • Sleeping bags, bivouac bags and camping tents.
    • Self-inflatable mattresses, air mattresses, mats…

    And they are structured in specific product lines according to the type of activity:

    • TRX2 Series
    • IMPULSE Series (aerobic activities such as Trail Running and Mountain skiing)
    • ALPINE Series
    • SNOW Series
    • EVASION Series
    • BOULDER Series

    They are all designed and developed according to the inspiration of the challenge of the Trango Towers and the company philosophy, faithful to our DNA for several decades: Research, Development, Innovation and Experimentation (R+D+i+E).


    Meet Trangoworld’s new path.


    Sometimes it is not easy to change your course, seeking the road less travelled. To be different, to innovate, doing what others are not doing. To follow no trends. It is not easy to choose the other road. But someone had to do it first.

    We all need symbols. Challenges to conquer or simply roads to follow. We chose the Trango Towers as a reference. Two kilometres of elevation, seven thousand metres in height. A real challenge. And it is not easy to accomplish it. You need good physical, mental and technical preparation. And the best material

    More than 30 years ago we decided to take that road. The difficult road. The place where clothing for adventure and outdoor shows everything that has inside. Research in collaboration with our suppliers, innovation in materials and the collaboration with sports and adventure experts to continue improving.


    Choosing one of the most difficult walls in the world for to name our brand. Paddling down 400 kilometres in the Ebro river from Zaragoza to the Mediterranean in seven days, in 1930. It is being the first to reach in winter the Nanga Parbat summit, where all others had failed.

    At Trangoworld we believe in doing things differently. Always looking up. Having high goals, so that you can reach yours. Because there is always another way, you just have to know how to choose it.

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