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Quality guarantee

The products offered through are subject to current legality. Therefore, according to the new wording of Article 120 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, carried our by Royal Decree-Law 7/2021, of April 27, transposing European Union Directives on contracts for the sale of goods and the supply of digital content or services, the deadline to respond to existing non-conformities shall be three years from delivery.

Said guarantee will be applicable, unless, due to circumstances it is not applicable, if the following conditions are fulfilled: the product is adjusted to the description and possesses the qualities presented, is suitable for the ordinary use of products of its same type or for its special use if the manufacturer has accepted said use and responds to the quality and performance of products of its same type.

If any product is not in conformity with the foregoing conditions, the customer must communicate this with the contact form (reason After-sales/Guarantee).


Our products are guaranteed for three years against all defects of their components or of their manufacture.

If the product has any manufacturing defect, it will be repaired without expenses, or it is paid according to the criteria of the After-sales Department. The guarantee does not include normal wear of use, or the defects that, in the judgement of our After-sales Department, have been produced by improper use.

In some cases, the damages not covered by guarantee can be repaired with charge and charging the shipping expenses. In this regard, the repairs will be made with prior acceptance by the customer of the corresponding quote.

The After-sales Department will perform the repair of the product at its own choice, and will only accept those products that are sent in the necessary conditions of hygiene and cleanliness.

This guarantee does not cover the faults caused by:

  • normal wear due to use.
  • an improper or unusual use. Regarding the recommended use of each model, see our catalogues and the website
  • Inappropriate care or maintenance; regarding correct care, you can see the advice written on the hanging labels, the base of the boxes, interior labels, catalogues and in the clothing care section.
  • contact with external agents, such as edges of rocks, branches, crampons, ice axes, etc. or aggressive materials such as fire, animal excrements, acids, hydrocarbons, construction materials, etc.
  • bleaching caused by UV rays and similar.


These instructions for use of the After-sales Service are exclusive for items acquired through

For items acquired in other establishments, go to the establishment where it was acquired and they will manage your request.

In the shipments and returns sections the conditions and procedure for product Return can be consulted.