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David Prades

Trail Running

Trophies accumulate dust. Memories last forever.

Who am I


I consider myself a mountain runner and a part-time mountain skier, a full-time dreamer. I divide my competition season into two parts, but always in the same place: the mountain, half a year on skis and the other half on the trail running shoes. I started with 16 years old and until today non-stop: What the mountain has given me; I could not get it from any other sport.

David Prades essentials

IMPULSE Man Collection

My adventure

My motivation right now is to find always different activities, although I rely a lot on competition, currently internationally in the SkyRunner World series. I prefer steep and technical courses, I'm not much of just “jogging” in the park. At the moment skimo motivates me a lot and I like much more the cold winter than the hot summer. I have improved a lot year after year and I think I could be on top after a few years of more specifically dedicated to this sport.