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Alex Txikon Everest Spring


Alex Txikon travels to Nepal to try the Everest (8,849 mts.) without artificial oxygen.

The expedition starts tomorrow and will return on May 25. The plan is to reach Everest BC(5,360 mts.) towards May the 2nd., then Txikon will have just three weeks to try to ascend through the classic route, on the Nepalese side.

Barely 6 weeks have passed since his return from Manaslu and Alex Txikon is back to fly tomorrow to Nepal to face a challenge outside the winter season that he has been working on for more than a decade. This time, always with the support from Trangoworld, the mountaineer from Bizkaia will try to climb Everest (8,849m) without artificial oxygen.

As he explained, “the pandemic has brought many changes and has also been a turning point for me. We have enjoyed a lot at Manaslu this winter with the expedition format that we have been developing so far, but I think the time has come to give the project a boost and face new challenges. So tomorrow we will fly to Nepal again, with a double objective, on the one hand, to try to summit Everest, and on the other, to continue supporting a country that has turned to tourists, and expeditions and that has now seen how everything is paralyzed ”.

EVEREST 2021 will be a much smaller expedition than Txikon projects have been in several ways: team (made up of Txikon, journalist Iñaki Makazaga, and photographer Sendoa Elejalde), schedule (from tomorrow until May 25, the team will be at BC for just three weeks), sponsorships ...

“Although it may seem like a more modest project for me, it is a more personal bet and I face it with the enthusiasm and desire of always, and with the conviction of having to keep a cool head when the time comes ”, Txikon said.

The team is scheduled to reach Everest Base Camp (5,360m) by May 2, so Txikon will have three weeks to reach high altitude camps. The basque mountaineer’s plan is to try to ascend through the classic route, on the Nepalese side. "Despite being in the pandemic situation we are in and despite there will not be as much transit of expeditions as in other years, we know we will coincide with numerous groups and mountaineers there, so we will assess the conditions day by day."

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